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1,Pre-sales service: According to customer needs to provide customers with detailed product information, product customization, technical advice, solutions to help customers make product selection, system requirements analysis, so that products to the maximum extent to meet customer needs.

2,Sales Services: According to customer requirements, we provide on-site installation, commissioning, technical support, technical training and other services.

3,After-sales service: According to different customer feedback, we provide on-site service and remote service.

Off-site services: Through the telephone, fax, Internet, mobile communication tools, e-mail and other channels to solve customer application problems. Reply 4 business hours after receiving service request.

On-site service: to use the site for technical guidance, product debugging and maintenance services. Upon receiving the service request, the service area will be reached within 24 hours at Guangdong Province and overseas offices. Other areas will arrive at the service within 72 hours.

Suncheon Electric Company's after-sales service center is provided for the product after-sales service, but also the Chinese market after-sales service coordination center, mainly for Shincheon Electric servo motors, servo drives, planetary gears, stepper systems and other products to provide quality after-sales service, To ensure that users can safely use their own products. To protect the interests of users of new electrical products in Sichuan to maximize efficiency!