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Job Responsibilities:

1, hands-on ability, you can independently complete the PCB board welding work;

2, Bachelor degree or above, automation or power electronics related professional, can carry out some hardware testing;

3, The servo industry has a certain understanding of the application, the PLC is more familiar with, done PLC system work;

4, can go to the customer site to solve problems and debugging work;


job requirements:

1, power electronics and related professional background;

2, a strong compression, communication, and learning ability;

3, a driver's license, will drive;

5, Familiar with servo application industry application is preferred.

6. Good language skills and communication skills;

Basic welfare system:

Humanized working time design: 5 days / week, 8 hours / day working system, statutory holidays according to state regulations. Perfect employee salaries and welfare security system: provide medical care, pension, work injury, unemployment, accident insurance; housing provident fund; annual health examination;

Full range of leave management programs: provide paid annual leave, spring holiday, marriage leave, maternity leave, family planning leave, vacation leave and other accompanying.

Perfect employee care plan: married (600 yuan), child (300 yuan) He Jin; festival gifts; all kinds of condolences gold; birthday gift and so on.

work place

5th Floor, A5 Building, Tianrui Industrial Park, No. 35, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China